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Welcome to the current website for EMLI!

Our mission here is to bring together Early Music-centric Chamber ensembles based on the geographic Long Island.  By supporting each other and spreading the word, we can make a real impact towards letting the world know that we really do have vibrant scene that is simply poorly advertised. 


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Find out about our MONTHLY MEETUPS!  Where members of other ensembles can mix-n-match with the EMLI group culminating in a variety concert of several bands coming together.
E-Mail us at:  EarlyMusicLongIsland415@gmail.com
ALSO: Feel free to try out some scores posted here too!


E.M.L.I. Editions

Natalie Kress Jonathan Davies Co-Directors

Natalie Kress
Jonathan Davies

Fiori Musicali   -  Lute Song Duo

Fiori Musicali (Musical Flowers) plays Renaissance songs of love and longing, lust and fidelity, in a flowery way. 
While the music can stand on it's own and be beautiful, Fiori Musicali brings an intimate and delicate dynamic to each performance intended to be admired, not plucked.

  • Krysta Ferrara - Soprano
  • Ryan Closs - Lute/Theorbo

The West hempstead consort

An instrumental ensemble comprised of multi-instrumentalists, West Hempstead Consort specializes in representing the continuum of music traditions from the middle ages, until now.  Being immensely familiar with the traditions of folk songs, liturgy, buskers, grounds, and solo repertoire allows them to bring to new audiences the traditions that are typically viewed as 'antiquated'.  By demonstration that a simple ground bass can a setting for divisions in the renaissance, but it can also be every song on the radio right now!

  • Ryan Closs - Lute/Theorbo/Violin/Recorder/misc.
  • Hugh Young - Viola Da Gambas/Rebab/Lirone/Bariton/misc.
  • Scot Zoid - Violas Da Gamba/Rebec/Arpeggione/misc.

three village chamber players

The mission of the Three Village Chamber Players is to enrich our community through artistic excellence, providing free musical performances of the highest caliber to the public.  With innovative programmin, educational outreach, and live performance in both traditional and alternative venues, we strive to enhance the cultural vibrancy of our beautiful community.

  • Alison Rowe - Cello/Bass
  • Natalie Kress - Violin/Viola


Duet cover pic.jpg

Ryan Closs and John Orluk-Lacombe
Lute Duets in Ewing, NJ

Facebook group

At current, the most active interaction between EMLI's participants happens on facebook, please feel free to join our social media group.  Soon to follow will be an EMLI hashtag for Instagram - probably #EMLI

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Monthly Meet-up/Play-ins

One of the Hallmarks of EMLI is our monthly meet-ups!
This is a great way for our other local ensemble's group members to get to know one another, as well as perform with each other on our Bi-Annual concerts happening twice a year in Nassau County.  The Play-in participants will create the local early orchestra EMLI, which will headline the concerts hosted by the larger EMLI organization.