Long Island Lutenist


concerts catered to you

Ryan offers a variety of concert options, from in-home experiences to outdoor events - with almost everything in between.
Each event is completely unique, and carefully catered to your event’s needs.


‘Living room concerts’

‘Living Room Concerts’ are the perfect blend of an intimate musical performance, with all the comforts of a casual setting. These concerts are perfect for an audience of 10 or so friends, where I will be happy to let you interact with the instruments afterwards. I will work with you on crafting the best concert for you and your guests, if you want to sing-a-long to some of your favorite tunes at the end too- let’s do it!
Available: Solo; Renaissance Lute/Renaissance Guitar/Theorbo, with Singer, or with Chamber group

‘What’s in the box?!’

The ‘What’s in the Box?!?’ program has been a staple in the repertoire of the WEST HEMPSTEAD CONSORT for a number of years now. We will travel through time with you on a journey starting 600 years ago, and arrive at a point of modern music which surprisingly only takes about 75 minutes! Along the way we’ll mention some historical highlights and cute asides that have shaped the musical world as we know it now. All instruments are produced according to historically accurate standards of production.



Lute Songs!

Fiori Musicali is the perfect choice for a garden party or a holiday gathering. Ryan and Krysta perform songs that represent a wide range of emotions, including 20th century love ballads, the music of Kings and Queens, and more famously; the beloved songs of certain animated princesses.
Fiori Musicali is Italian for: Musical Flowers, and as such we are proud to offer a bouquet of sounds.