Long Island Lutenist

Giving and giving back

While the Lute itself is a beautiful instrument, the lifestyle that comes along with it is not supported entirely by coffee and magic.  It takes friends, family, fans, and patrons like you.


If you would like to support what I do and help to keep the arts alive, please consider the following links for your contributions.

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Paypal is a great way to make charitable donations to causes you support.  There are times when the level of work involved with music goes well beyond a 40-hour work week without the 40-hour a week paycheck.

In a standard week, my duties are delegated towards:

  • 2 professional groups
  • 2 student ensembles
  • Solo performances
  • Booking concerts
  • Paying my bandmates
  • 53 Students
  • Seeing my girlfriend
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book me gigs!

I find all too often that wherever my appearances take place, the comment 'oh, you should perform at _____' can't help but make an appearance as well.  I would love for someone else to give me a call and tell me "you have a concert here, on this date, at this time, for this much money" it would inspire me to create a program catered to your home and tastes.  
  I do enjoy concerts at churches, and libraries however the audience doesn't quite feel as intimate.  Everyone feels the need to be on their best behavior, and our interactions feel a bit stiff.

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The lute society of america

The Lute Society of America (LSA) is a non-profit organization that wonders for anyone who enjoys the Lute /Theorbo /Archlute/Baroque Guitar /Renaissance Guitar and other facets of early music plucked strings - Visit the website to find out more!

Through the website below you can also:

  • Rent a Lute!
  • Hire a Lute!
  • Find other lutes for lute parties
  • Discover concerts/workshops in your area
  • Make contributions to our SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR YOUNG LUTENISTS!